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Use Cases

What’s possible with DtP Solutions?

Whether you need round-trip collection or one-way distribution, or even recovery and disposition, we can handle your direct with patient logistical needs.


Plus, we’ll do it all at a price that won’t break your budget.

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Personalized Specimen Collection Kits + Logistics

For Clinical Trials and other Research organizations looking for complete participant and specimen management.

How We Help:
  • On-demand assembly and personalization of kits of any type.

  • Total patient, kit, and shipment visibility and control.

  • Automated requisitions, tracking, alerts, latency detection and prompting. 

  • Custom barcodes / labels / personalized inserts / RFID tagging.

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Discovery Drug Personalized Distribution Services

For CRO’s and research organizations.

How We Help:
  • Personalized kits. Lot tracking. Photographs of exact shipment contents.

  • Custom labels, personalized inserts, or instructions.

  • We can bundle customized specimen collection kits with return logistics right into the patient profile.

  • Automated notification of delivery complications. We handle any delivery issues.

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Specialty Pharmaceutical / Bioceutical Direct Distribution

For properly licensed manufacturers seeking 3rd party fulfillment solutions. (Regulatory landscape varies greatly by need, product, and state.)

How We Help:
  • On-demand fulfillment and same-day shipment.

  • Custom labels, personalized inserts, or instructions.

  • Photographs of exact shipment contents attach to the order record.

  • Full tracking, signature confirm delivery - address validation - pre-ship notifications to recipients.

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Medical Device Returns

For organizations needing temporary-use patient equipment recovered and consolidated.

How We Help:
  • Customized returns kits and round-trip logistics.

  • Item receipt, imaging, assessment, processing, consolidation, and forwarding.

  • Input, upload, or API your device census and possessor’s details - we’ll take care of the rest.

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Discovery Drug Returns, Recording, Certified Disposal

For CRO’s and organizations needing verifiable recovery and final disposition of exploratory drugs.

How We Help:
  • Personalized return kits and trackable logistics.

  • Photographs of exact return shipment contents attach to the recovery order.

  • Detailed inventory, and compliant/certified disposal.

  • Possessor interaction including reminders and other escalations to ensure recovery.

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Generic clinical kitting and custom packaging

For laboratories, research organizations, and patient care settings needing custom kits.

How We Help:
  • Sourcing and assembly of generic or branded clinical kits to your specs.

  • Serialized, barcoded, sub-packed, any sort of labeling or inserts.

  • We can also do custom packaging / boxing as desired.


Ready to take the next step?

Find out how we can streamline your kitting and packaging needs today.

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