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About Us

Meet Amy & John

We’re e-commerce pioneers, IT professionals, an engineer and an MBA, and yes, we’re married and work well together.

We each have nearly 25 years of experience in eCommerce / overnight fulfillment with a unique skill-set in specialty components. Today, we’ve combined our skills in business process management, IT front/back-ends, and logistics to offer a nimble and user-centric direct-to-patient kitting and logistics solution.  

Amy and John Howard of DtP Solutions

Our Qualifications

Amy Howard of dtpSolutions



Earned her B.S. ChE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia. Amy is responsible for the details of the details. She was born with a Six-Sigma view of process.

John Howard of dtpSolutions



Holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. John is the IT-whiz and since his first IT project in college (converting the campus’s sorority rush system from paper cards to computers) he’s shown an innate skill in understanding business process and user experience.

Amy and John Howard, dtpSolutions

Amy & John in 2001

Our Expertise & Experience

We bring a fresh perspective and tool-set in providing flexible solutions for direct to participant/patient logistics. Here’s why working with us will pay off:

  • 24 years of e-commerce experience (circa 1998).

  • Proven dedication to client delight and success.

  • 6-time winner of BizRate "Circle of Excellence Award" for customer satisfaction (former company: Carrot Ink: award was a very big deal back then).

  • Featured as a "Great Mind" in online retailing by Marketing Sherpa.  (Carrot Ink, 2005)

  • Over 1,000,000 orders processed and 400,000 customers managed.

  • Our team-leads started with us in 2002.

  • Easy to work with: We’ll fully understand your project and make managing it a breeze.

Let’s talk.

We’d love to hear your needs and collaborate on a perfect solution.

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